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Welcome into my erotic infused Art

Bonjour, I am Alexandra and welcome into my erotica Art world.
With it I have the desire to represent, in image (photography and soon videography), many aspect of us as sexual beings. In a society that tends to impose the way we should feel and live it, I try to get my models and the viewers away of these social constructs, and for all to feel good (w)however you are.

A vision through the eyes of a woman with a free-spirit.

My work is mainly Artistic, very rarely on commission, as I want to keep the authenticity of the creative part.


My approach is with 2 things in mind:

- The models need to feel good (we usually have a lot of fun during the photoshoots, it is an experience in it's globality)

- And everything needs to express elegance (even when I will create porn).


We are constantly bombarded with sexual images, but we can get lost in the falsity of them. I would like to bring authenticity to you.

To women: make you feel that you are allowed to have a sexual side(which is natural) and explore it, in a healthy and fun way.

To men: remind you of a sexuality that is more authentic than the ones we can too easily find online. And also explore your own.


via instagram: @undressedxalex

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